We’ve reached another milestone of Florida residency. About a week ago we spotted a lizard/gecko on our wall and attempted to catch it so that it may rejoin the joy that is living “in the wild”. This house guest though is quite spry and eluded eviction.

The locales we’ve consulted assured us that the poor little guy would dry up and die very quickly. They told us we may not even find his poor little body as it dries out so thoroughly that it will “poof” into dust.

But our house guest is proving resilient. We do not know what he is eating (but if he is finding any bugs and killing them than he is friend in my book) nor where he is getting water (although he could be part dog and drinking from the toilet, ew!). He has been spotted twice since his move in date. Both times because Ryan nearly stepped on him.

Ryan is calling him our first pet. As pets go he is pretty amazing. Doesn’t make a lot of noise. Doesn’t require any care and does provide for the occasional conversation starter. We are keeping him until further notice and if you ever do see him, just call him by his name, Eddie Lizzard.