This semester is drawing close to a close. (You have to love the English language, right?) Huzzah! A week from Thursday and we’ll be on our way to the third of seven semesters.

We are also transitioning out of our first summer. I realize that seasonal changes are going to be different in these parts. For one thing, when everyone else is going into winter mode, we are going into much more tolerable and enjoyable mode. When you step out in the mornings you can feel the slight change in humidity. It is slowly dropping like stepping out of a hot shower. You are no longer under the spray but you can feel a bit of the water hanging around you. More exciting is that the wind is occasionally cool AND the temps in the morning are so much more enjoyable for running.

My Twillight Tower of Terror 10 Miler is around the corner as well. At this point in the training schedule I’m supposed to have had a couple of 10s, a 10.5 and an 11 mile run under my belt. Since that did not happen and since I am a notoriously slow walker, we headed out to see how I could pace for a longer distance of run/walk. Through the grape vine I heard that our regional park had a nice 2 mile loop, half under shade. Half of that story was correct. No real shade but a nice 2 mile loop regardless. After 9.2 miles (we included an offshoot around a lake) my concerns about getting scooped off the race course have been alleviated.

The loop tours many aspects of the park: baseball diamonds, waterpark, children’s museum, a lake and a wildlife preserve. We didn’t see any alligators or pythons in the preserve but there were oodles of mini frogs and dragonflies. The dragonflies were not shy. You know how in Disney cartoons the birds always hover around the main character for a few minutes, really close, before flying away? Replace bird with dragonfly and you get a good image of what is was like.

Shockingly, my legs are still a little sore today. I have hopes though of getting to that distance and running the length of it. I’m beginning to appreciate running/jogging. Never thought I’d say that, but there you have it.