SUP=Stand Up Paddleboard.

Labor Day weekend was relaxingly laborless.  Not only did it fall after a really long week at school with a breeze week after but we got a great surprise text from our friend Jodi.

J: “What are you up to?”

Me: “Ryan’s working on my bike and I’m making a baby quilt.  What’s up?”

J: “….” (I put nonsense there because…)

Me: “I cannot translate what you just texted. What is ‘WPB’ and what is ‘at the ware’?”

One phone call later Jodi has switched gears, left West Palm Beach where she couldn’t get her SUP into the water (too rough) to come to our calm waters.

Ryan and I briefly tried a SUP a while back in the Outer Banks but the water was really rough there, then some dude got stabbed through the foot by a stingray and then the fin broke off the board…so all in all not the most successful first attempt.

Jodi has a sweet 11 foot long board and we all hitched a ride.

Poor Ryan had the worst of it. The board is built for someone Jodi’s size which is 5’2″ and Ryan’s 6’+ was a little more wobbly on it the first go around. His subsequent ventures out on it were amazingly steady. If he can do that, a proper fitted board should be a breeze for him…at least on our calm waters until we get more practiced.  I’m told you can surf on a SUP.

After we’d paddled our little hearts out we went shell hunting and found some really nice pieces of coral.

And we hammed it up (I’m a cheeky monster, no?).

We might have to try this SUP a bit more.  It would be fun to go out with more than one person at at time. Cruise up and down the coast a bit? Maybe we’d even be brave enough to try SUPing on her side of the coast.

Don’t you love surprise visitors?

Hope your Monday was a Labor(less) Wonderful Day as well.  We may be getting more accustomed to this coastal lifestyle, even if we know we won’t make it a permanent move.

Complimentary lyrics from Ben Howard.

“Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags, / I’ve come to know that memories / Were the best things you ever had / The summer shone beat down on bony backs / So far from home where the ocean stood / Down dust and pine cone tracks”