You may remember our tales about the random fabulousness that is Hot Summer Nights in Boise, Idaho. You may have also heard me lament my frugality (maybe this is where I learned my lesson and then became the Budget Buster) about not buying a wooden spoon made by a local artist. The thing was only 15$ and looked sweet but I kept thinking to myself how impractical it would be to have and learned that I was wrong…it would have been perfect.

However, even more perfect than that much remembered and quite frankly probably-over-remembered-spoon-made-from-apple-wood is my husband 5 years later having our good friend Matt T. make me one.  Out of the blue and for no reason other than to replace the one that never was. Matt makes some amazing cutting boards, furniture and what not out in the Red.  Check him out if you want a home crafted piece of functional art.

Me, I got my spoon!!!

It has a tasting slot:

And has been signed so we can’t forget where/whom it came from:

It is pretty heavy duty by grasp so RA better watch out that he doesn’t try to dip into the cookie dough too soon:

He doesn’t seem too worried.

Here is what the 4th-year-4o’clock-4-fabulous ingredient cookies looked like, and why Ryan is willing to risk a thwack with the spoon:

See what I mean by they may have needed another egg?  They kept their shape well and did not spread much during baking.

Last week in class was a rough one.  3 exams, 1 checkoff, 1 presentation. Next week=nada, zip, zero, ziltch, nutin’…how that works I don’t know but I’m caught up on the “pre-lecture” stuff I like to have done so this three-day-weekend I’m trying to get a couple of baby gifts out the door.  Using mostly scraps 2 blankets will cost me maybe 30$.  Not too bad.

Here’s a sneak peek:

It is an easy baby quilt.  Much less daunting than prior projects but I expect them to turn out quite cute.  It is a pattern that has made the internet rounds.  I’ll include it with the pictures of the final products. You may already recognize it but if not, I’ll not ruin the surprise.

Hope you have been enjoying your Labor Day weekend, or lack of labor…whichever you choose.