First, I’ve been made aware that my writings aren’t the easiest to follow.  Perhaps those few of you who do stick around here like the mental gymnastics of jumping around with me.  In particular, for a cheat sheet, the last S.o.S. post was meant to be read with the parenthesis just for the pictures. So, it was as though there were two story lines; one on granola (yawn!) and one random picture journey. I’d recommend taking two stabs at it…the first reading just the ‘regular’ paragraphs and the second reading the pictures and their individual stories.

Second, this is our (RA and VA) first potential hurricane here in FL. We are prepared…we think. We do have all the necessities to live out of our car for a year still with us and in working order so we stocked up on extra food and filled our water-stores. It is almost hard to take this seriously though when everyday the forecast changes from “just” a tropical storm to anything from a category 1-2 hurricane.  What I told RA this morning was that I was just going to wait it out until Monday to see what actually befalls upon us. Most locals take a cat.1 around here with a fairy blasé attitude. “We won’t even lose electricity.” Of course, my friend on the Atlantic side texted me this morning to tell me that hers is flickering and they are definitely not supposed to get the brunt like the Gulf coast.  So again, we’ll see.

One cool thing about a storm system like this coming up is that on our bike ride yesterday the headwinds were fierce. Imagine a hand pressed against your chest attempting to push you backwards. That is how large portions of the ride felt. We may not have mountains to overcome down here but at least we do get a little obstacle training through head winds.

Continuing on the athletic side, my right ankle is healing nicely. My running was progressing again when I had to go and sprain my left ankle about 2 weeks ago. Really, I should not be surprised. Are you? Never have I been a graceful landlubber and as I age that ain’t-gonna-change. Looking back on my childhood I was constantly spraining my ankles. But now that I want to run, it is getting annoying. We are back on our feet and with low distances hoping that we’ve figured out a “system” to stay on our feet so that we can start to up the distances.

On the food front I made RA “Fourth Anniversary, Four Special Ingredients, Four-o’clock Cookies.”  That’s right, I delivered them to his work still hot from the oven at 4pm. He was a bit shocked.  They were quite the tasty treat.  I highly recommend you take a normal chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookie recipe and include toffee and pecans.  (I took the 1 cup chips and beefed that up to be 1 cup pecans, 1 cup chips and 1/2 cup toffee…add an extra egg, fyi too.)  Did I mention they were AMAZING? And now we have frozen cookie dough.  You know what will get eaten first if we lose electricity then.

Finally, if you like a little of the singer-songwriter-country-bluegrass-genre of music check out our friend Jason Tyler Burton. He is a truly gifted individual and you can listen to everything for free off his website. He even has a music video for one song, The Rise, that is just lovely.

So hunker down, make a hurricane and ride out this storm. Or, if you want to copy me, brew a cup of coffee and bury your nose in your books because this week to come is going to be a doozie.