(My phone seems to be my camera for the most part lately, hence slightly grainy photography. Sorry. Also, it is hard to get exciting photos of granola so random photos will be inserted for visual interest.)

Thanks for the discovery of this granola recipe goes out to my friend, Ouiser (that is her internet presence, mindful of identity protection much better than I am), who delightfully dishes out vignettes on the family shenanigans with a healthy dose of reflective life posts dolloped on top.  We share a similar food philosophy on many points.  1. Food is meant to taste good. 2. Be good for you (or your soul). 3. You really should know what you are putting into your gullet as best you can. AND 4. Homecooked wins the majority of the time.

(My next car. I’m going to need to invest in a super spill resistant coffee cup though before final car purchase.  Let’s get real here.)

So given that Ryan and I still live on the sun, our WI daily breakfast of steelcut oats, walnuts, and raisins, can be a bit much. Especially after a morning run or ride when one is just too hot to put something else hot in one’s system.  (I think the seven a.m. sweat detox should be a marketing tool by the state. ‘Course bottled water companies could jump in with the rehydration battle because the balance of sweat and hydration is a constant condition.  Wanna move here yet?)

(Not “on the sun”, the gate to Chinatown, San Fransisco)

Mom, never say I don’t listen to you because I followed the recipe word-for-word the first time and it was delicious. Then, because directions can be so tiresome to follow, I meandered down paths you like to term my Zen-cooking. Our modifications in case you were wondering are sort of as such: add cranberries or currants and flax seed, omit the brown sugar and never use the same spice mix twice. Next batch I’m going to add additional applesauce and see if I can omit the brown rice syrup (yes, I know that is a “stick it all together” ingredient but applesauce seems healthier).

(The only alligator I’m not afraid to meet.  Sourdough’ed.)

Also, I like to cook mine in glass dishes because when I stir the granola on the baking sheets I inevitably catapult granola across the kitchen.  High sides are a must in this household. Unfortunately I had to use a mixed batch of glass and cookie sheets yesterday and sort of burnt 1/4 of the granola.  I’m finding today that it has added a nice intermittent crunch but I’m not convinced it is worth the clean up of catapulted granola.

(This is a Buddha statue from Chinatown, totally plastic but cute none-the-less. With the umbrella he represents wishes for a happy future.  I got him for Ryan’s work desk. Ryan’s pretty stoked.)