I missed posting last week because I was in San Francisco for a national conference. As with most conferences I learned a lot and experienced a lot and saw a lot and do not intend to bore you with those stories. The biggest take home point though was that it is good to get out of Florida. I do not mean to harp on that point repeatedly and know that it has become a mantra of sorts. It isn’t that FL is a bad place or that we are unhappy here. Where ever we are together will always be home. But…it will be nice when our surrounding environment matches our internal nature…ie forests and mountains.

I really wish Ryan could have come with me and am working on getting him to take a long weekend and go someplace that is not here. He reminds me that he only gets one week of vacation a year (which is criminal in my mind). It would be good for him to experience some cooler climes.  A reboot, if you will. Any help convincing him of this would be appreciated. He can be so serious sometimes and I’d really like to be able to say, “I told you so,” again.

So as proof of my escapades out of state, here is one grainy photo taken early morning before a 5K fundraiser.

Look!  It is “The Bridge!” And yes, I loved the cooler temperatures.