Disclaimer: I did not take the following photo, that credit goes to Gigi. It is a picture that captures this part of FL nicely.

As I wax all psychobabble on myself this photo says a lot about my relationship with FL as well.  One might say I have a love/not-love relationship but then we must remember that I really do love a good storm.

In KY you can’t see the micro-environments.  You are in one holler and the next one over is getting pounded.  Here it can be that way too but more frequently we surf the edges of storms all the time.  It makes for some amazing cloud displays and a perfect inability to really guess what will go on where with the weather.  So you don’t need to alter plans; you don’t turn around; you just need to be prepared.  A lot like life.

Can you see the little kid jumping from one side of the line to the other?  “in the storm, not in the storm, in the storm, not in the storm”