Ryan has a dream to climb in all 50 states. Florida surprisingly does not offer many outdoor areas to climb but there is “some” bouldering at Blowing Rocks on the Atlantic side.  We “looked” at the tide chart and thought we’d be in luck and headed out that way a couple of weeks ago. Sadly we hit it at high tide. We are MOUNTAIN PEOPLE not OCEAN PEOPLE!  Learning from our mistake we “probably” won’t repeat it again.

Blowing Rocks is on Neptune Island, home to Tiger Woods and Celene Dion (if you are into that sort of miscellaneous knowledge), and is part of the Nature Conservancy.  It is a beautiful area and well worth another trip just to sit by the seaside and soak in the area or to head back to a restaurant/bar called Guanabana. But it is a 3 hour huck from here so not an every weekend type of adventure.

Despite seeing the high tides we were not thwarted.  We just hit up the said above restaurant and waited for the tides to recede some then went back to business.

Here you see Ryan entering the bouldering field. You have to strategically plan your approach to “avoid” the waves.  Maybe if we could have truly waited for low tide we would have been okay.

And here you see Ryan crushing the boulder problem as the waves lick his heels.

Like I said, Blowing Rocks really is a beautiful place but the bouldering is completely covered at high tide.

The rock is super sharp in the slice-your-finger-open-like-the-Corn-Ninja-sharp if you are not careful. Ryan can tick FL off his list. Don’t ask me how Louisiana is going to happen.  Theoretically, a meteorite is in there somewhere.