Let’s see how long this new resolve of mine to post once a week on Sunday goes.  I think to increase the likelihood of success I’m going to have to set a time limit on the blog post creation.  So the clock is counting down 30 minutes. This may increase the number of grammatical and spelling errors.  As well as the just-plain-weird sentences.

A lot has occurred since we’ve last checked in.  Florida, for a while there, I was convinced was trying to drive me out of the state.  It turns out that I do not have strong ankles and I thus pronate something fierce. This caused a slight tear in my peroneal tendon to my right foot.  The peroneal tendon is a cool tendon that runs behind your outside ankle and slides under your foot to stabilize the arch from inward collapse/pronation. This is the same ankle that I sprained so magnificently in college I was on crutches for 4 weeks. That put an irritatingly high pitched screeching halt to my training for the 10-mile run in October. I went crazy for a little while. After a pause I was able to start road biking to keep up some sort of anti-insanity exercise while the darn thing thought about healing.

The other insult FL inflicted upon me (note, this is sarcasm, I take full responsibility for my actions) was the most common of kitchen accidents.  I nearly sliced off the top of my finger with a kitchen knife. (I was cutting a corncob in half and the knife hitched itself on a particularly dense portion of the cob.)  After feeling horribly embarrassed about it I’ve come to peace with my own internal criticisms mainly after hearing EVERYONE’s stories of cutting themselves.  I may not be a lemming but perhaps in some respects I’m close.

Lucky for me I’ve got some great study buddies who ever strive to make me feel comfortable.  Coming into a study group session this is what I found…

That’s Bing and the dreaded Corn Ninja.  You see the culprit’s picture so count yourself warned. The CN strike quickly and silently….have I mentioned that Ryan’s started a habit of calling me “Leftie” now?  It’s catching on down here.

Here’s what my finger looked like after 1.5 hours of bleeding and a little trip to the ER.

Luckily, no tendon injury nor did I hit the bone.  That shiny stuff is dermabond ie medical-grade-plus-antibiotic-super-glue. I could have had stitches but that would have caused more pressure and possibly more tissue necrosis.  One the flip side, the PA was game to let Ryan put a stitch in.  He lost out on a learning experince but conceded that my fingertip may have lost out on some additional trauma.

The cool aspect of this adventure was seeing the PA do a nerve block on my finger.  My fellow SRNA’s (student registered nurse anesthetists) were equally interested in that procedure.  What can I say, we are dorks.

For about a week or so this was my daily healing ritual.

Immobilize finger, soak foot in scalding hot water (To promote blood flow and healing to the tendon injury.  Tendons are a low blood flow tissue so they need all the help they can get.) and a book to study in my lap.  Exciting, right?

Now my finger is usable again although the new skin and scar tissue are not as resilient to some stretching/pressure applications but in time I suspect they’ll toughen up.  AND this morning I went for a 1 mile run without any tweaks, twinges or pangs.  I’m going to keep the distances short for now. My goal for the 10 miler has thus also changed.  Dependent on progress instead of doing the full 10 at a run my new sites are set on a run-one-walk-one goal without causing further injury.

Additional concessions to injury, I’ve started self-ankle PT to see about strengthening up the joint and I procured new shoes with a bit more support.  I figure, I may not be quite ready to barefoot run.  I may even be Darwinian selected out of barefoot running which is an irrational hit to my pride but like anyone who has to take medications for some other issue, it is what my body needs.

Well, the 30 is up.  Next week should focus on Ryan.


PS I really do have a great group of people to study with and when we accomplish a big goal we celebrate.  Here’s the group:

From L->R: Angie, Bing, Gigi, Todd and that is me in the light blue hat.  Yes, the sun is VERY bright down here.  Oh wait, I forgot, we live on the sun.