Apparently there is someone out there in the graduating class that is counting down the days to graduation already (and it isn’t me) but in the spirit of crazy I thought I’d share that number with you. Only 769 days until graduation. I personally find the number 25.5 months more manageable but that may be just me.

Time must be flying.

I’ve generally been a “good student”. I enjoy learning and school and find that the older I get the more I enjoy it. It could also be that sadly it has been with the aging process that I’m finally putting it all together. I tell you true, I would have paid a little more attention in calculus to sine waves and all that jazz if I realized how the waveforms on the monitors I’m now reading are a composite of said sine waves. How friggin’ cloak and dagger mathematics can be!

On another note I ran my first 5K this morning and I didn’t die. Ryan is the greatest personal running coach ever and we are one step closer to the current goal of 10 miles.