Our date nights have become very exciting around here.

We’ve taken up cooking together and playing Scrabble.  Which is good for the fun times together but has had an unintended consequence…Ryan has come to realize that “cooking” isn’t as “epic” as he always thought it was.  Not that the man does not appreciate a good meal cooked by someone else but he has come to appreciate that the “hurdle” of learning to expand his cooking horizon isn’t as tall as he originally thought.

Current success:  home made pizza.

We’ve taken to trying to replicate our favorite pizza: wheat crust, pineapple, spinach, garlic, jalapeno, pepperoni.  Super tasty and should definitely be an incentive for you folks to come visit.

Alternate date nights are dinner on the beach to watch the sunset (at least until the weather gets unbearably buggy…should that be unbuggable?)

We are slowly finding perks to this flat terrain we are surrounded by.

In a study break mode I made something I wanted to make for awhile.  Peach-Bourbon Hand Pies.

That is just the first batch out of the oven.  The crust, as instructed, was AMAZING!  And a bit of a work out if you’ve never cut frozen butter into flour until it formed a course meal.  The insides were tasty but the peaches weren’t that sweet (my fault, I used frozen…) and there was no discernible flavor from the bourbon.  But I’m thinking all sorts of fillings could easily be substituted in and be equally amazing.  They were a big hit for certain.

Finally the funny, as promised.  I don’t know how many of you know this but when I switched my phone number to match area codes with Ryan (so we could be on the same plan) I ended up with the number of someone who obviously could not manage their finances.  For a number I’ve had for 2 years now I STILL get phone calls from creditors for her.  (Personally I think she is still using it, but who knows.)  The funny part is that I got a phone call from a creditor for her with a DIFFERENT LAST NAME for her, so I’m thinking she got married in the interval. Making congrats to my mysterious non-fiscally responsible prior phone number person are in order.  I hope your partner helps you reign in your bad habits.

I don’t think the creditor believed me when I said that I was not “her”…as it took me a while to place the first name with new last name to the old last name.  AWESOME!

Hope your day brought you chuckles.