What fun would we have if our home didn’t have a quirk or two? Remember the billowing windows at the summer house in the early winter months in WI? How about the fly invasion in KY? Now Taco, well, he always treated us kindly. (And I’ll take that as a huge hint of where we really should be living.)

Florida? Unsurprisingly it was mold in the walls. Apparently the plumbing in the second bathroom had an intermittent leak and unfortunately it is like encouraging astroturf to grow to get the maintenance people to believe you when you tell them that “that smell” just isn’t going away. So fast forward to 2 months after moving in and we have a new vanity in the second bedroom.

Where is Niagara Falls in this story? Well, let’s just say that I think one of the maintenance people may be new to the field. When they removed the bad vanity and the sheetrock behind it they left the pipes uncapped. This didn’t become a problem until they resumed water service to the rest of the apartment building…and forgot to keep the “main” turned off in our apartment. Luckily I was home to identify an “issue” but unluckily I was unable to find the “main” to turn off the water. The “main” is inside a hole in the wall at approximately 1 o’clock….and I still can’t find it. What I can do though is yell my head off outside the building until our maintenance dudes saunter out of the apartment next door to ask me, “What seems to be the problem ma’am?” They continue to mosey to my front door as I simply state, “You are flooding my apartment.” The words didn’t really trigger the effect that I wanted. I got looked at like I was over-reacting and the veracity of my words did not set in until after the guy finished the text he was writing and opened my front door. The lovely sounds, ever so soothing when in nature, of gushing waterfalls put a spring to his step.


Well, we have two new vanities and “that smell” really is gone now and we are pretty fit for visitors to come a-knocking. Hurrah!

To be honest though, I have no desire to have the maintenance people come back. (Let’s just say that there is more to the saga of the vanity exchanges but what fun is there in too much griping?) I can now say though that despite my frustrations I do like our new home. It has a pretty nice layout.

This weather? Well, it is just confusing the heck out of my system. What’s this I hear that we are just NOW heading towards summer? Haven’t we been IN summer these months of January and February? How is one supposed to recognize the changing of seasons? I’m guessing I’ll know when we are in which season when the percentage of people over the age of 55 driving around town is greater than 70% of the population marking winter. My “snow” will have to be the visual of a lot of grey hair. Things are supposed to calm down after this weekend. Apparently this is the mark of the migration north. I’ll let you know if I notice a difference.

In other random news Ryan has been a champ of a husband. (No shocker of course.) This time around he has taken up the heed to be my running coach. In an effort to avoid becoming a sloth over the next two years he started me on a “Couch to 5K” program. There are a lot of them out there. The one we are using is found over at coolrunning.com. It has been going pretty well but I’m honest enough to admit that if he wasn’t there beside me I would not be able to say that I ran 2.5 miles today!

“Running” may be a bit of an exaggeration with a pace of 12 min/mile but I definitely only had one foot on the ground at any point in time. I’ve become so enamored with the idea that I’m signed up to run a TEN MILE(!) race with a classmate of mine in September. Oi vey, Batman! Still, that leaves plenty of time to get the mileage up and my legs used to the movement even at a very leisurely mileage build up per week training program. Before signing up I had to make sure Ryan was on board for doing most of the training with me. I say most because there are definitely going to be days where I’ll have to go out by myself and then battle my own inner demons to “just keep running”. But there is more experience under my belt convincing me that I can do it, I can push through the tired, I can push through the minor aches, I can push positive thoughts to the forefront of my brain and get a smile on my face towards the end of the run.

This may not seem impressive to many of you out there but for me this is a huge deal. I’m not really a “land” person having been raised as a fish. Running has always been a hard thing for me to not really really really dislike. But we are out there and it is fun. I have all sorts of internal motivation for all sorts of other feats but running, well, it is fun because Ryan is there with me…occasionally belting out the Rocky theme music when it’s looking a little rough. What a mighty fine man.

Sorry for the wordy sans pictures post, I’ll try to make the next one prettier.
Cheers to you and yours, hope these words find you all well.