FYI when you are craving a cookie and you have no actual granulated sugar in your house, the internet will come to your rescue.

Meet the Brown Butter, Brown Sugar Cookie:

Delicious? Yes! Although a fairly dense and definitely sweet cookie, this one is a keeper.

Ryan and I during our date-night-in were playing a nail-biting game of Scrabble when the urge for a cookie struck.  There is no harder way to reconfigure 7 little tiles into recognizable English words than if your stomach has overtaken the driver seat.

Originally despair struck as the baking cabinet resulted in a net loss of a usually key ingredient, sugar.  Thankfully there was an unused bag of brown sugar that made it all the way from WI. (Don’t get me thinking on the carbon miles attached to those carbohydrates, that’s a tangent for another day.) With a few clickity-clicks this recipe was found.

I must confess, I did not brown the butter, just melted it. Nor did I wait for the butter to cool and as I only had 2 little packets of Sugar-in-the-Raw, the second half were dusted in plain brown sugar.  They also took longer to cook but were well worth the effort. Warm, cold, 4 days later (we are grown ups with restraint afterall…ehem…) still worth a out of the cookie jar or dunked in milk or coffee.

So thank you internet, for pulling us out of a pickle. Our bizarre search requests for a cookie with no granulated sugar was a success. These little babies whipped up whilst The Man was making words and all-in-all were quite a friendly little cookie.

I think I’ll just help myself to the last one while I head back to study.

PS Please disregard the soap marks on the bowl. I swear they were not as visible to the naked eye. Yowsers.