Ryan took a picture of me on my first day of classes.  Backpack on and lunch over my shoulder.  It is the first first day of school picture that I can remember having had taken.  Mom, correct me if I’m wrong.

Continuing the catch up, I finished the last of my mother’s Christmas wish of two years past…my stocking is done.  The first broken (thus the request) and the last finished…

The embroidery detail, to complement the plain piecing was meant to imply the movement of falling snow.

In the endevour to try and do a homemade Xmas last season, my Brother-in-Law received hand knitted beer cozies in the colors of one of his favorite teams.  When he first opened them he thought I had knitted him mittens (and he did a really good job of hiding his disappointment) but once he realized that they went with the 12 pack of his favorite beer he can’t get in KY his enthusiasm and thanks were easily received.  (Note to self, do not knit mittens for any BILs.)

And as a final touch in, for a treat while in WI I made Ryan his favorite dessert, Lemon Ice Box Pie.  Having no mixer I had to whip the egg whites to a peak not once, but twice.  The first time burning them to the darkest of nights.  Fortunately they peeled off and I was able to salvage the lemony goodness underneath.

Have you ever whipped egg whites by hand?

It is a lot of work.  You go from a little bit of this:

To a whole lot of air later to get this:

Tired, sore, earned a piece of the pie…heck yeah.

One of the hurdles of this year, I think, is going to be the lack of time I have to do crazy home projects.  But, then again, now I have my electric mixer again, it’ll take a lot less time.

Sorry that there are fewer pictures of The Man, but he gets camera shy.