So, among the various fun things to do, something easy and inexpensive is to go down to the beach and watch the sunset.  It is actually free (minus transport to get yourself there) when you are a county resident.  Oh yes, we are now Floridians and the the driver’s licenses and plates to prove it.

It is quite the thing “to do” and after this go we’ve learned from observation that one should really bring a beach chair to do the thing properly.

You can see all the chairs over our shoulder.  There were even more folks the other direction.

It really is a beautiful sunset.  The sky becomes a blue I’m unaccustomed to but what makes all those tropical blues make sense.  The water becomes the most gentle shade of baby blue.  Among the calm are birds skimming the top of the water, there wings not even causing a ruffle until….SPLAT SPLASH they dive in for dinner.

That’s your dollop of us for the day.  Calm, calm, calm and crash!