OK, the football season is all wrapped up and whether or not you liked the conclusion of the SuperBowl it is a whole ‘nother too-many-months-too-be-counted until pig skins get bandied about again…fortunately to tied us through this dry spell we have memories and fond ones at that.  The best of memories because they were ones we got to share with others.

Our Bucket List is one line shorter at that moment because we went to Lambeau Field this season past!

AND, we went in Decemeber.  AND although it was a full 10 degrees warmer than predicted, 20-30 degrees is a chilly day no matter where you are.

Ah, those tall men stand tall before Lambeau Field. Dave Jr and Charlie came from their various corners of the US to enjoy the experience with us…I think they liked it.

For those of you who may not know, a former UK football player, Cobb, is the return specialist and wide receiver for the Packers and he had a fairly decent year.  We were lucky to be “close” to him when he was in line to catch a few pig skins and each time we stood proud to cheer “C-A-T-S-cats!-cats!-cats!”  He may have even heard us once as his helmet did seem to turn an ear our direction.  We also had fun explaining our shenanigans to the confused Packer fans around us but once they realized it was all love based the cheers abounded.

You know, I say that the Bucket List is one item shorter but one of the nice things about Bucket Lists, if you keep your eyes open and ears perked, there are always more things to be added.  Guess we’ll just have to live to be 105 to get through them all. (And yes, I use way to many commas.  Just use them as moments to take a breath.)

It’s chilly here in the southern state. High near low 50s.  I saw 2 full on down parkas. Think that’ll be us next “winter”?  And now, back to studying.