Okay, so a couple more green related things.

In preparing for meeting up with Ryan next Monday to start our CO vacation together where we’ll most likely be hiking 6-7 days in the Weminuche Wilderness I’ve been trying some cooking of tasty treats.  Qualities required are that they hold up for a week without spoiling, are tasty, portable and nutritious.

One such experiment was close to those qualities and maybe good for a shorter trip so I may make some anyway but keep them for the beginning.  They come from a recipe that seems to be making circles in the internet with a lot of people adding their 2-pinches-of-a-tweak to spice it up and make it their own.  The recipe I used came from here.  Hulk muffins….delicous!

Her dreamy pictures of green muffins came out much better than mine so I’ll just give you this little piece of eye candy…muffins in process…

Next on the Tour Du Verde, I was the lucky recipient of two free tickets to the last pre-season Packer’s game.

As Ryan is out of town I took a good friend of ours, Alicia.  They were out door club seats and it was a super fun experience.  Not that I have any other NFL experiences to compare it to but Packer fans are fabulous!  As were Alicia and I…

Not entirely surprisingly, about 1/3 of the folks left while 15 minutes still ticked away on the clock and they missed out because in the last 5 minutes of the game that is where the most exciting action occurred.  A real battle for the field and for the win.  GB won, of course.

Charlie and Dave are coming up in December to enjoy an in-season game with Ryan and me.  It’ll be interesting to not only experience the cold but being in the “bleachers”. Who knew it would only take me 30 years to become an American Football fan?