It’s a musical kind of morning and I’d like to share with you with three most excellent samples.  The first of which is the newest song by our friend Jason Burton.  He’s quite the Renaissance man with being a great musician, talented lyricist, enthusiastic outdoors-man, educator, heartfelt friend…etc etc.  I could go on all day and I think you get the point.

So here’s his newest addition to the eardrums, Revival.

Perhaps it is because I know him and his wife and we’ve had many a discussion about lifestyle choices that have influenced me but when I listen to his music I get filled with a nostalgia for hiking in the woods.  In my mind I see a mist over the ground and there is evidence of wildlife in the corners of my eyes but always quicker to disappear than how quickly I can turn my head. There’s contemplation in the rhythmic cadence of one foot in front of the other.

In a different beat I give you two examples from the British musician Ben Howard accompanied with the appropriate videos.  The first is from a biking related video, Industrial Revolutions starring Danny MacAskill who has done numerous videos and each is quite the mind flip.  Some people are more home on their feet than on anything else, DM is more at home on a bike than on his feet as you will see in this video.

You couldn’t even buy Ben Howard music in the US until our anniversary this year.  Currently there is one album with 4 songs on iTunes if you so desire, else YouTube is a wealth of additionals.

And last but certainly not least, the other video I’d like to share by Ben Howard has an unexpected twist in the middle.  I liked the song before I heard the video for its positive productive tone but after the video I love it even more.  Hope you enjoy it too and have a melodious day.