A real sitting on the edge of your seat post here.  With a title like that, how could it not cause you instant curiosity or, alternatively, a strong desire to get the reading over with and jump up for a cup of coffee.

We’ve been reading a couple  of books to prep for our backpacking trip this year.  One of which is Ultralight Backpacking.  The cover may look goofy, but it is full of all sorts of food for thought.  One such morsel may not be much of a weight saver but “sure is fun” and what’s a day without a little fun?

Toothpaste dots: little dehydrated gummy bits of toothpaste.

First you get a tube of toothpaste that isn’t a gel.

And you dehydrate it or if you live in a properly arid area apparently you can just put them on a plate and let them desiccate all on their ownsome.  As this was unfamiliar territory I think I let the initial dehydration go a bit long.  The dots will feel tacky until the very last step so although it took a total of four days for me I probably really only needed two.

Next step, you cut the snakes of toothpaste into chewable segments and dehydrate them a little longer.

I was a little generous on the size of the dots and next time will cut a more pea-sized proportion.

The last step is just to count out how many you need, bag them up and put in a teaspoon or less of baking soda which keeps them from sticking together.

We both tried them yesterday.  For use you just pop one into your mouth, chew the heck out of it and then brush your teeth.  It really is like chewing on Dots.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  The ones that get stuck in the crevices of your teeth.  Added bonus, your mouth salivates all crazy-like to the point that you start to wonder if you are in fact a rabid dog.  Even at the end of it you may/may not have little bits of toothpaste stuck to your teeth.  I think that smaller dots would fix that problem and maybe a longer chew time on the front end could prevent the possible need for a toothpick for your toothpaste.

You can’t wait to try this yourself, can you?

Your house will smell like tooth paste.

You will laugh hysterically as you try not to drool all over your own chin.  Decorum I’m sure will be easier to maintain with a little practice.