Lemme give-ya yella:

Ryan’s still asleep, else he’d be the first with whom I’d share this information.  He was the first to spot the beginnings of the color change yesterday, it was just a little halo of yellow around the stem and then this morning ka-zam: “I’m a yellow habanero!”  This little guy was our very first pepper to come out of the flowers and hiding.  If it took him this long to turn yellow I wonder how much longer till he turns orange and edible?

Ryan’s hoping to make some really good salsa (To be shared with the grand dame of the plant shop? Only if we don’t eat it all first.  We have to prove our experiment to her somehow and fittingly.)

-Our jalapeno plant has become the mass producer with around 7 delightful peppers popping.

-The sweet red had to be staked…ie I tied a string around the drooping branch and then to the blinds that are in the perpetual up position for the duration.

-The serrano is the tallest, curling itself up by the ceiling like an NBA player entering a hobbit’s house.

And that’s our plant log for now.  Absolutely riveting stuff for you, I know!

Tonight is a free play, Minnesota Moon, by the theatre troupe Youngbloods.  If it is even a dash as fun as the last production we went and saw I think we are in for a really good time.