I’ve often wondered why the term kneedles hasn’t sprung up more in knitting blogs but truth be told, it is out there, just not anywhere I tend to go.  This leaves me with the a quandary…is the term “old”, too clique, too obvious or has it somewhere in the knitting blogosphere gotten itself a bad name?  Is it safe to use?  When I thought I was being clever this morning I had no idea I might be entering such a possible blunder. *sigh

Bucking up and moving on, there has been some quick crafting and some slogging crafting going on around these parts.  Part one is a gift for friends that have moved to New Mexico.  They both graduated from med school this year past and are starting the brutal years of residency.  Wanting to commemorate the beginning of that journey, the fact that they are in a new house (and who doesn’t need a house warming gift) and that they are going to get married this year it seemed that something was in order.  I wanted gift them something that they’d use but make it personal. Being that they both love a good meal, the environment and (found out after the fact a certain bright shade of blue), embroidered napkins were shipped.

Don’t you just love moody shots of embroidery? The stitch work may not be that straight but the symbolism is rampant and slightly personal so I won’t share it here.  The short and obvious bit is the k2k (for Karen and Kate together).

Onto the slogging on the kneedles, next time I say I’m going to knit a linen dishtowel on size 3 kneedles feel free to take said kneedles and poke me in the eye.

Unbeknownst to me, I may be in a bit of a love with a certain bright shade of blue myself.  This project is good therapy knitting because it a simple design (seed stitch border) and the only other thing I need to pay attention to is when the yarn runs out.  Knitting with linen is harsh on the hands as the yarn is quite scratchy.  Also, it doesn’t slide past the kneedles but at the same time it does like to slide off my finger, making tension holding difficult.  Theoretically it should be super absorbant and soft after a couple of washes, fingers crossed it serves its household function well.  It is just plain nice to have a house of things handmade, functional and pretty.  Not that my house is full of said things but I’m working on it.

And finally, great news on the experiment front….ALL four plants now have peppers.  It has been a giddy few days for us. We think that we can officially label each plant by their proper name and now are just waiting and wondering when we can harvest.  I see a future of mouth burning dishes coming.  If anyone has a good recipe for habaneros or jalapenos, shoot them my way, please and thank you.

I honestly find the flowers of the pepper plants equally amazing to watch bloom.  Each plant has similarities: 5 petals, white, facing downward; but with differences too: petals cup downward, flatten straight out, hyperextend themselves, bloom in clusters or solitary.

And we’ve since learned that cross pollination affects the seeds of the plants, not the fruit of the parental generation.  If we label this experiment a success I see a possible future experimentation.  Seed harvesting anyone?