So I know that we were hoopin-an-a’hollaran in the last post about sweet success.  We’ve yet to eat our peppers, they continue to ripen on the plants and more are growing.  Not only is the habanero with 2 little tasty buds but the sweet pepper is surpassing all expectations.

That was in the early stages, the fruit is now nearly 2 inches long and as wide.  It also has about 4 siblings.  We sincerely thought this would be the plant least likely to make it because it requires a lot to grow large fruit. We consulted with our green thumb friends and they thought that too.  I’m heading to the infamous store of wizened skeptical gardener for some fertilizer for the plants.  We’ll see what her reaction is to our experiment.  Joyful, I’m sure.

But, have we really reached success?  Or do we need to be eating our vegetables before we put a stamp of approval to this endeavor?

And like any parent I have oodles of photos of the little buds growing in varying light levels but we’ll spare you.  If you feel like you are missing out, don’t worry, I’m contemplating a whole photo book, “Our first plant” that I’ll be happy to share.

This is how our living room looks most days:

The mastermind is at work.  He’s heading to a NOLS course in September and I’ll be meeting up with him afterwards.  We are simultaneously planning a 5-6 day backpacking trip in CO with a back up plan for Canyonlands in UT if the weather is too cold.  It takes a lot of plotting that I tell Ryan is perfect future job preparation.  Classic to our team we have contingencies upon contingencies for whatever shenanigans might throw wrenches our way.  Snow early?–UT.  Ryan needs civilization after 17 days on trail?–Albuquerque!

And fingers crossed, we’ll climb Devil’s Tower this time around too.