We are well into the summer of our experiment. As you may recall we are *gasp* trying to grow peppers INDOORS! At first we thought we had just bought a lovely grouping of window-privacy-makers. The little plants grew and grew, taller and taller, leafier and leafier, then flowerier and flowerier, until one day:

Yes, yes, YES! We have something that resembles a pepper! Ryan thinks it looks like a jalepeno but it could still be a serrano. It is one little pepper but we are documenting it’s existence. Even if it is the only pepper we get, we can still call this experiment a success. Right?

I mean, according to the kind and exasperated experience gardener, growing peppers indoors isn’t like growing basil:

Why yes, our basil seems to be doing quite well too, thank you.

To celebrate our success with the pepper that isn’t ready to pluck and eat I chose to bake cup cakes.

Sweet sweet success. Protected under a glass bowl because all the other storage containers were in use to take the extras into work. Why to work? Well, while there is a need to celebrate we don’t need to gorge on cake. Little tastes are good. (You may also be asking where my lovely glass cake stand is as this would be a perfect opportunity to use it, but as with most answers to that question, it is in Annie’s basement.)

Cheers to experiments, endeavors and adventures. Hope you are surviving the heat wave where’ere you may be.