I don’t know what is in the water but again, everyone seems to be having babies.

So these two lil’guys were shipped off to very different directions.  One went north to Vermont and the other went south to Tennessee.

Kentucky came to Wisconsin and received this:

The sleeping mask, not the plant.  Our accommodations for guests being very limited to the very brightly lit, especially in the morning, front room it seemed fitting to make a sleeping mask.  Our guest would already be sleeping on the floor like we do so the least that could be done was to help cut out the morning sun until one was ready to awaken.

The plant, Clyde, came to our house because Ryan was following up on a TED talk he had listened to regarding air purification by plants in relation to some NASA project or research.  Further reading and searching lead him to think that our house could do with greening up.  (I can’t find the original site I went to when we were choosing plants. There was a great chart of what qualities each plant targeted in the air and generally which ones were hardest to kill.  This one is an okay substitute but I’m sure you can find another better one out there.)

Those of you who know Ryan from WAY back know that he has the keen ability to kill the hardiest of plants.  Not out of lack of effort of trying….well, maybe out of lack of effort of trying.   But this time will be different because he is motivated and apparently we’ve decided for the health of the plants to designate a single person with the responsibility to water them (so as not to drown the poor buggers) and that person apparently is me.

I don’t really have the greenest of thumbs either but in the end it is a tag team effort because Ryan’ll comment on how the plants are looking and then I’ll remember to water them.

Of course, it isn’t too hard to remember since the second thing I typically see when I awake is Bonnie:

We actually got Bonnie before Clyde. I will swear to you that we could tell a difference even after one day.  Both of us had noticed that our bedroom was feeling really stuffy in the mornings, the air thick and heavy.  Why?  Maybe it was the end of a cooped up long winter or maybe the sufferings of too many good black bean burritos. Whatever the cause of the thickness, Bonnie has definitely become a beloved and contributing member of the house hold.  She’s a peace lily and when I get round to it, I’ll have to photograph some of her flowers.  She has 6 going right now so we are guessing she’s loving her new environment.

Clyde, a snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue, came second because with the success of Bonnie we thought, why not target a broader spectrum and he met the need of filtering out different components as well as being “hard to kill”.

And I’m sure you are laughing.  Our plants are Bonnie and Clyde and they are on a mission in their vagabond way to keep our air better oxygenated and little cleaner.

Both are hardy and theoretically hard to kill.  I’ll keep you informed if anything changes.  I would have been a bit more confident a while ago but after re-potting the aloe, it’s been looking a little woeful.

A non-crafty note, my parents came for a visit and we went to see the Pabst Mansion.

After seeing the phenomenal wood work (The floors alone we captivating for me.  Talk about ART WORK with the mixes of dark and light, different woods and different stains and the geometry of it all!), the old furniture, home safe, tin pantry and other nuances of an old era we went on a Miller Tour.

I’m not certain what the sign reads in German but probably something to the effect that beer is good for you.

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Happy Day to you all, in which ever way you are spending it.