Many of you probably suffer from the same blight as I.  One that affects your everyday life and makes the simplest of nourishment a challenge–the oven temperature regulation control that is as predictable and reliable as plunging your hand into the jelly bean jar to get one bean blindfolded, wishing for your favorite flavor.  Some days you score and get the black licorice bean and some days you fail and get the green lime bean.

For example:

Here you see the temperature set for perfect cookies at 325 degrees:

But what that day gave us was burnt bottom grossness of

nearly 425 degrees.  And that’s not all, although not pictured here the temperature will oscillate on this one setting from 425 to 525! Even if I’m not opening the door to check every 5-10 minutes.  It’s insane.  Ryan’s genius idea of getting an oven thermometer had helped but there is no simple-recalibrating-our-expectations-one-notch, it’s a matter of constant vigilance!  Really, things are getting less burnt but it’s no less effort.  I’m thinking about asking friends if I can come over and borrow their ovens in exchange for a dozen good cookies.

In other categories of domesticity, I’m working on a second baby blanket.  This one for one of my oldest bestest buds who’s first kid got a knitted blanket.  This time round I’m on a sewing kick and here are the cut squares:

I’ll never really understand how my camera works without diligence and practice but the above was taken at night, in our poorly lit apt whilst meddling with various settings, without the flash.  Don’t ask which settings…I have no idea.  But, overall it was the best of the bunch..not bleached out, colors are fairly accurate with the artfully blurry bikes in the background.  I’m still very happy with winter but I won’t mind either when it’s riding season again.

What else is a gal to do when the days are short and dark?  Cookies and crafting.  And like that commercial for insurance, yes, as winter progresses we are getting a bit heavier.  Happily…and hopefully we’ll take it off again with the thaw.  Or…more skiing…really we should ski more while we can.