Winter has come to WI, a couple of weeks ago we got 6-8 inches of snow which made for some really fun cross-country skiing out at Lapham Peak.  The pictures aren’t quite as classic this year as lasts but we are on our own 2 feet.

Theoretically we are in for another good snow dump and boy am I excited!!!  The hills that so terrified us last year were quite a bit smoother and slower when not made of ice.  Shocking, I know. We may even venture to try a longer trail.

There is something about the quiet that snow brings that you don’t get when alone in the other seasons.  The accumulation of slowed down activity.  Animals hibernating or bunkered down.  The snow literally blankets the ground and muffles the rustling underneath, like it is saying “Shhhh, now is the time to rest and rejuvenate.  To gather our energies for the growth explosion that is Spring.”

There will always be a spot in my heart reserved for the Kettle Moraine State Park Southern section.  It is where we go mountain biking, skiing…hiking…we may even do some back packing there when the weather warms up to practice our skills and techniques and to just enjoy the backyard of ours that is here in WI.

The temperatures aren’t as biting right now.  Hope you are enjoying the small thaw.  But lets hope too that it keeps the snow abundant.  There is more to share but off to work I must go.  Pictures of other bits are loaded but words are not written. So let’s hope I’m not silent again for a month +, eh?