So you know it isn’t going to snow much in Milwaukee, WI, much this year, right?  ‘How does Va know this?’ you may be asking yourself.  And I can answer you with 86.4 % certainty on my prediction because we purchased entry level cross-country skis.  (11 more trips and it will have evened out with ski price rentals!)

Oh Murphy’s Law, you little devil you.

We did have some snow around and right after Christmas that promptly melted the following week.  So ‘Where might they go skiing?’ is, I’m sure, the second question you may be thinking and the answer to that is Lapham Peak.  You may recall our one adventure there last year…and I can’t say we showed any more skill this year.

Lapham Peak provides us opportunity because they manufacture snow for a loop that is about 1 km long.  And we have to love WI parks because all we had to pay was our yearly vehicle fee (which we need anyway for mountain biking) and an annual trail pass fee (which we also need for mountain biking PLUS it is darn cheaper than a lot of ski resorts).  It seems the perfect place to wet our feet (or cram snow up the back of our jackets) with skiing.

On a weekday, not at the lunch hour, there were a lot of folks enjoying the loop with skate skiers being more prevalent. There were maybe 2 other cross-countriers besides us thank goodness.  I had slight fears of a huge back up in the groomed tracks and skiers screaming like angry New York drivers, “Get outta the way ya’morons!”

In said loop there was one hill and from the title of the post I’m sure you can tell how successful we were with it.  Bruises ensued but enthusiasm has not been diminished.  I wish I had pictures to share but our poor camera got left behind…maybe for it’s own safety.  A trip to the library may be called for in order to get some tips and how-tos.  If you have any suggestions please forward them on to us.  We can use any help we can get.

You know how I said my only wish for the new year was for Ryan and I to live at least half the year in the same place?  Well, I wouldn’t mind if the fates decided to give us some nice snow to play with too.  The other trails out at Lapham Peak are darn fun too.