Here’s to hoping that the next rotation around the sun provides us all with peace, adventure and happiness.  I know what I’m wishing for this year and that is for Ryan and I to live in the same state for at least half the year together.  We were reflecting on the past 2 years and it went something like this: 8 months apart, 8 months together, 7 months apart…so we could be together at least 7 months.  Right?

We’ll see.  As crazy as we are you never know what might pop up.

Although it is only a fairly randomly selected day to mark a new beginning (wouldn’t the winter solstice make more sense?), I can’t help but feel new beginnings.  Like Spring cleaning only for opportunities; and despite the coldest of winter ahead of us there’s a blank slate for us to define this year by which is fun to speculate on, plan around and implement.

So, cheers to you and yours! And good luck to us all.