And will be missed unfortunately.  4 of 6 will make it but I don’t see where time will be found to get Ryan’s or mine done.  Never fear Mom, I have tube socks.  The irony, as my mother will point out, of not having mine done is that my stocking is the only one that was truly falling apart.  Maybe I can borrow one of the boys’ old stockings for this year?

Here are some preview pics of Robert’s CALVIN AND HOBBES snowmmen themed stocking, taken with my iPhone so I’m not certain how well they’ll translate to the big screen.

“That’s quite a snowball.”

“A doggy has to do what a doggy has to do.”

“We’re up to our neck in snow here.” (How I wish that was true of WI at this time.)

“Frosty predictions.”

They are a little blurry, but you get the idea.  Now I just need to finish the quilting and the binding.  Ryan will be doing the driving this Christmas so that gives me an extra 12 hours before the final deadline.  The quilting will be machine done but the binding is all by hand.  I’m just slightly bummed about not having all six done but a gal can only do what a gal with 2 arms can do.  Maybe if I asked Santa to grant me 6 more arms and 1 more head?…

Here’s to hoping your holiday preparations are going swimmingly.