There are too many things to be thankful.  My hyper shortened list though was this: the loved ones beside me and afar, the clean air we breath, to not have to worry about where our food today will come from nor tomorrows, the roof over our head and our continued health.  We had our first holiday together “alone” as a couple. Is that a mile-marker or just something bound to happen?  It was fairly anti-climatic in some sense and totally rocking in others.

Originally we were going to eat Chinese on Thursday but according to my mother, “Chinese is what you eat at Christmas.” So I broke down and went to the grocery store to create our meal.  Originally I was mortified at the idea of only roasting a turkey breast and not a whole bird (the purist in me) but quite pleased after noting the amount of work is infinitely shortened (and the potential of roasting a whole bird is ridiculous in our micro-efficient oven, lilliputian anyone?).  There is something to be said, maybe a few choice words and groans re: tired feet, about a meal that takes more time to make than eat.  But I’m pretty convinced given the amount of left overs that we’ll be fine for quite a few meals yet.

Everything is from scratch except the biscuits in the front and the pie crust.  The biscuits because they were on sale and the pie crust because my pie dishes are in (everybody wait for it….) Annie’s basement.  We’ve been saying those last few words quite frequently lately as Ryan prepares to move back to Milli-wacky and we are wondering where certain items may or may not be. Someday we’ll be reunited with our houseful of belongings.  At times we wonder if we really need any of those things.  We haven’t used them all year but before we put the yard sale up we’ll wait until Ryan gets a more permanent job and see where that lands us.  So bargain hunters, you have time yet to wait for all those delightful treasure to crop up on the under-the-tax-radar-market of yard sales.

In other productive news, one more stocking has been completed…this one for my twin.

I stole the quilting idea from another Purl Bee pattern, “Little Christmas Tree Quilt” and obviously heavily modified it to fit the needs for the occasion.  Three down, three to go.  Eldest brother’s top is already pieced in a pleasing checkerboard of grey and black.  Its pizazz though will be in the embroidery which is hanging on a Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen theme.  Yes, it should be awesome.

Ryan and I’s?  Well, lets just say that those 2 are being saved for last in case time runs out.  If so, tube-sock will be hung by the chimney with care.