What?!  Virginia, do you have yet another gift from Christmas 2009 that you are just now finishing?  Awh, Virginia!

Actually, no.  You may want to sit down because this next bit is going to be a shocker.  Or lean against a wall, because it’ll really only be a little bit of a shocker.

Nearly 2 of the 6 Christmas stockings that were requested for this year are done.  I really only thought I’d be at 1 at this point in time but as I looked over all my materials as they came together I found that I could get 2 out of all the work I pieced together.  It was quite the close cut though.

My poor Dad.  His stocking is going to be a bit more similar to Mom’s than expected but I did alter the hand embroidery between the two and the bias tape piping to shake them up a bit. Insert crazy jazz-hands-ta-da here.

Here are a few more sneak peaks (which aren’t that sneaky since my Mom’s already previewed the fabrics).  Full photos will come after Christmas.

With all this practice, my stitch work is getting better but man is the pad of my index finger sore.  It makes me miss my bouldering callouses a lot.

What are you up to for this season’s handiwork?  Or planning?  I generally don’t like to do too much beforehand because I hate to miss out on Halloween and Thanksgiving but given the size of this order those sentiments had to be put aside.

Am I growing up?  Hope not.