Ever have to many words inside of you?  Too many stories?  To many thoughts?

Wonder if this is what is was like in the life of those writers of free-thought, free-association?

And no matter what they say…that if you bottle the words up they’ll eventually explode.  Don’t believe it.  They don’t have to explode.  They can implode and leave you voiceless.  Which is the greater crime–explosion or implosion?

It has been a long work week.  I’m thankful that all I have to do tomorrow is breath and eat.  Much more will fill out the day I’m sure but it’ll be 100% because I say I have to, no one else.

I wish I could lay down my thoughts all chaotic in my head and make some resolution out of them.  Form some conclusion or other productive output. But those unlasoable colts, my thoughts, they gallop along. Maybe sleep will align them.  I don’t know.

Maybe I need more nature in my day.

Speaking of which, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is something that makes me happy:

Am I a mountain girl trapped in the Midwest?

May your thoughts behave more pleasantly and not drive you fitlessly un-asleep.