One thing that lots of driving has taught me is that too much thinking time can get you into trouble.  Por ejemplo:

My friend Sara and I went up north last off week with 4 other fabulous women and we paddled around the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area.  It was another great trip and once I find a photo home I’ll post more pictures.

Getting to northern MN though is about an 8 hour drive and that left Sara and I a lot of time to talk and think.  Aaaannnddd somehow in the crazy train of thought and conversation we got off the station at a food challenge.  For one month neither of us are eating anything that is “processed”.  And by processed we mean that when we read the ingredient list we can’t eat something if it looks like someone from a foreign country was doing the recipe…and by foreign country we mean the land of food science/chemistry.

(Never fear…coffee is still okay but not decaf as most decaf coffee has the good stuff removed chemically. AND good beer or wine is okay.  Basically things you could have eaten 100 years ago probably make the list.)

My co-workers are all into tripping us up.  Yesterday Ferdie came at me with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms.  They are a true weakness of mine and was practically going to pour them on the floor to get me to put out my palm saying, “I promise I won’t tell Sara.”  Yeah, right. Like I was even close to believing that.

So we are each allowed one allowance.  I have plans for dinner with friends next time I’m in KY and Ryan’s promised to take me to a place called “Thai Smiles” so I can’t be rude, can I?  And Sara, well Sara has this thing about bad breath so she’s still going to include gum but limit the number of pieces a day to be reduced from prior consumption levels.

So far I haven’t felt a difference.  Sara’s stomach aches have gone away and she’s yet to have a headache.  The first few days we both rolled around moaning…”I’m so hungry.” But with the inclusion of protein via meat we’ve alleviated that issue, so far.

It has made it easier to not snack at work.  Having a reason, and someone else to be accountable to helps.

Other food challenge months…veganism and gluten-free.  Oofta, do we like to make life miserable.  Or fun.  Which ever way our stomach is feeling that day.

And since I don’t have any pictures for you, here’s a little comedy for your day:  Jim Gaffigan and mayonnaise