Our second day of WY landed us back to territory we already knew, a climbing area called Wild Iris approximately 30 minutes outside of Lander, WY.

I really don’t think we could have planned for a better time to be in the area.  The flowers were in bloom, there were no mosquitoes, the weather continued to be perfect and the scenery can’t be beat.

Of course, in order to appreciate the scenery you have to get to the location first and that required us to wait out 3 WY traffic jams.

Cows, we can never seem to escape the cows!

If it isn’t the cows it’s the pronghorns.

People do hunt these animals.  Apparently it isn’t very hard but it isn’t very rewarding either because the meat is rather tough from their diet heavily focused on sage brush.

It amazes me that these flowers can grow when the air can be so dry that I’ve had 2 nose bleeds already.

We saw a lot of people for the middle of the week at the cliff and puzzled over it.  The answer came by rather quickly though as the following day was the beginning of the Lander climbing festival.  Normally we’d be all about a great gathering of climbers.  AND all the folks we met were very friendly, smiley and talkative.  However, things we don’t like to hear at the crag and which scare the living bejeezers out of us include this one jem.  Two climbers, at the base of a climb.  One tied in to lead the other with an ATC (a belay device which requires that the belay NEVER let go of the rope with the brake hand) and the one with the ATC being instructed, “Okay, you can swat at the mosquitoes just not with your right hand.”  That’s right, belay teaching without a back up right at the cliff side.  SCARY.

JB got a nice picture of Ryan climbing.  I have pictures of me climbing too but they aren’t as pretty.  Maybe it’s the subject matter?..

The rock felt the same as I remembered it.  Slightly slippery.  But it was just a matter of careful foot placement and we all crushed that day.

Crushed during the day and cruising around the neighborhood at night.

JB and jenn have two scooters.  The red one, Wendy, required shifting by foot and could get pretty speedy.

Weezer was just a gas and go.

As I type this our trip has just one more night in WY until we head to the airport tomorrow.  Sadness.  But we’ll go out on a big note.  Live music tonight, fireworks and fun.  So, until later, have a good night yourself!