There are many many stories to share about our (currently ongoing) Pinedale-area adventures and I’ll do my best to share them all but not all in the same post (y’all would probably desiccate from captivation to the screen if I published that long of a novel in one post so we’ll insert intermissions).

We arrived via the Salt Lake City airport and I got so excited at seeing mountains again that I took pictures of the mountains alongside SLC from the car.  They are pretty…very pretty but once the eyes feast upon the just-outside-our-friend’s-front-door-view of the Wind River Range you freeze as your brain just can’t comprehend coordinating movement and SEEING what is in front of you.

Our general plan for this trip was to hike/climb/hike/climb/other under the great professional-guide-grade advice on what to see by our friends JB and jb.

Hike #1.  Green River Lake Trailhead, Highline Trail to the Clear Creek Natural Bridge.  Approx round trip distance 8 miles, elevation change only 250 feet, final elevation 8,300 feet.

Talk about starting with an eye-popping hike.  If someone offered Ryan a job right that day we would have jumped around like giddy little kids, kicking up our heels and squealing.  We miraculously lucked out on seeing 0 mosquitoes, had perfect weather and absolutely beautiful scenery EVERY STEP of the hike.

Pardon the light reflecting off the turbulent water.

Photos are in order of hiking out to the natural bridge and the waterfall is not done justice.  Being early summer the snow melt is still significant and the water is still fairly high, fast and loud.

You walk first along the Green River Lake then start climbing to pass the Clear Creek Falls, trek alongside a meadow which Ryan described as “This is what you see on nature shows where the bears come out of the woods or take down an elk.” continue through an area hit by some sort of fire (lightening?) and see a couple  different stages of regeneration/regrowth until you get to the natural bridge.  It may not be as initially amazing as natural bridges you may see in KY but considering the water is working on limestone and not sandstone it’s pretty friggin’ amazing.

What startled me as well is how light one’s feet feel when surrounded by such beauty.  A couple weeks ago we started to hike around Lake Geneva again and it is not nearly as fun as this.  Must remember to hunt out better hikes in WI.

I would post more people photos but it is hard to get couples shots when there are just two of you.  However, a potential solution was found…when Ryan’ wears his shades.

Ah, the wonder of reflective surfaces.

More stories to follow!

From us to you we hope you and yours are well.