Ah, the risk of asking your daughter for a handmade gift when she is in the midst of selling a house, moving, starting a new job and generally being a semi-vagabond again is that your Christmas gift isn’t finished until June.

An epic 10 hour day with Betty and my mom’s Miranda Day bag is done.

I would define this as my first really major sewing project.  Following the pattern from Lazy Girl Designs, the world’s smallest self-healing cutting mat, and pure self flagellation for procrastination this bag was completed.

As with any new endeavor, lessons were learned but probably not as exciting to share as mountain biking lessons.

The only alteration I made to the bag was to switch out the velcro clasp for a magnetized one.

It didn’t end up perfectly centered but it is still 100 times better than velcro.  Seriously?  You are putting this much effort into a bag and then as a finishing touch you think velcro is an appropriate closure-device?  Despite the great directions and well composed looks of the bag. there have to be a few marbles loose for the pattern maker.  Granted, they are called “Lazy Girl Designs” so mayhap it should have been expected.

One nice touch though are the number of interior pockets.

Organize much?  No, none of them zipper close but as this is a “tote” I’m okay with that.

Call it the 10 hours with the sewing machine, the volcanic explosion of craft-stuff all over the house or my lack of desire to clean up said volcanic explosion added to the fact that Father’s Day is tomorrow* next week and I decided that I should include something for my Papa.

What could be more perfect than a Father’s Day Tie?  Surely with a pattern that is this easy it won’t take too long?

Choosing colors that hark back to the era in which I was born here’s the tie my Dad is getting:

Call me crazy but I really like it.  Maybe it’ll just take a shirt that is “just right”?  Isn’t it a tradition somewhere to give an ugly tie as a gift for dads?  Does this tie fit into this category? (Yes, I tried to iron out that mid-line crease 10-14 times.  I’m thinking a little wear might be in order to remove it.)

The tie was quite the hoot to make.

Most of the sewing was done by hand to boot.  Not too bad for a first attempt at the slip stitch.

One more crafty project on the table for this weekend.  To finish the “Jeff’s Pub Sweater” for our friend Jeff.  I have pictures of the work in progress too (you can see it drying in the back ground of one of the above pictures) but will save the thrilling tale for when the darn thing is actually complete.

Hope you and yours are well.  AND enjoying the World Cup.  Go Football!!!

*Date deprived that I am, I called my folks so they could see their presents first if they wanted too and had apologized to Dad for the late FD gift only to be reassured that I have a whole week still.  So he will be able to wear it to church if he so desires!