I could get used to the conditions up here.  This spring/summer weather has been beautiful.  The bugs haven’t really come out and we’ve only had a couple of days of measurable humidity.  All-in-all quite livable.

Ryan’s been up for the week and we’ve been out and about.  He brought up his mountain bike so that necessitated a trip to Kettle Moraine.  As we now have a fancy camera that is compact, we brought it along and Ryan commanded it for most of our ride so you are going to get to see pictures of me.

These are my big wheels, 29″ers.  Apparently with the larger wheel diameter it is easier to get over obstacles but harder to get oneself up to speed and easier to maintain speed once achieved.  I only say ‘apparently’ because this bike is my first experience really mountain biking so I have little to compare it to other than trying to jump up curbs on my trusty it-got-me-through-college-and-to-class-across-campus-in-less-than-10-minutes-bike which had 26″ wheels.  The physics of it though makes sense so I’ll accept those premises…especially when I’m trudging up a hill that Ryan breezes right up.

…top of the hill.  Legs…so…sore.

Remember where I said that the bugs hadn’t really come out yet up here?  There is a caveat to that comment.  The bugs are out, just only in the shady places generally near water and by bugs, I mean mosquitoes.  New lesson learned last session out on the trails?  Don’t stop and don’t slow down unless you really have to…or if you like to be a blood donor to the swarm that will quickly find you.  As our friend Dan says, “You always pedal A.F.A.P.” (As Fast As Possible)

Another motivator for A.F.A.P. is the tasty treat at the end of the trail, if you get out before the store closes.

Oh quite refreshing!

Hope the Memorial Day weekend has been refreshing for you.  Sadly we’ve been reminded exactly what Monday is supposed to represent, although not directly known to us, a friend of ours lost her uncle to an IED last week.  So as we are having fun, enjoying each heartbeat and not wasting what precious time we have together we’ll be sending out or hearts to bring peace for all those affected by war and lasting peace to end the wars.