So as sneak-peaked in the last post, there is a 1980 Schwinn added to our bike family.  The rear break doesn’t exactly work and there is a bit of rust on the chrome but my mechanic has things under control.

(Oh, and pardon the photo happiness…we are really loving on the new camera…it takes photos at 12 megapixels, our old one was only at 5 mp.  Technology is crazy.  The new camera was even cheaper than the old one so I guess they go the direction of computers…the minute you buy one it is outdated.)

Hey Dad, every time I ride this bike I’ll think of you.  Check out where it was made:

To fix the rust Ryan’s hounded out that brass or bronze wool is the best (not steel) with a little oil or something.  Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot carried either.  We called around to bike shops with no luck there, nor at gun shops.  Turns out that if you want either of them you really gotta go to a boat parts store.  Makes sense, chrome + water = rust, and boats have chrome + water.

That said, we’ll see how the fix-up continues.

In other news here’s more knitting!

Turns out our kitchen has the best lighting.  This photo is without flash and is true-to-life colors (at least on my monitor).

The little knitted vest is for a friend of mine who has an adorable baby girl named Maeve.  She’s Irish.  The pattern was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-knitting-pants and thus turned out a little big for a one year old, but I’m thinking that by next Fall it should fit her just fine.  The yarn is the left over yarn from the co-worker knitting project.

(Note the stack of knitting ‘warsh’-rags above the sink.  I’ve got Ryan sold on them.  He really is a germaphobe in the weirdest possible ways.  Workable, but random, especially when you consider we lived out of a truck for a year and only showered once every 4 days.)

That said, hope you are enjoying good weather.  We went riding out at Kettle Moraine again a couple of days ago.  Put the clip-pedals onto my bike.  Clipping in is simultaneously very gratifying and 100% terrifying.  You can’t help but hear the nagging squeak in the back of your brain as you are going down a rocky fast hill giving you the impending doom of you-ain’t-stopping-a-crash-and-you-can’t-escape-your-bike feeling.  Then on the uphills you are grateful for the increased umphta from the up-pull on the pedals and STILL terrified of falling over if you loose too much momentum.  Thankfully I only really fell over once.  Crashes two and three resulted in some good-ole-fashion tree hugging.  Ah, I love trees.  I hope to take our new camera out next time.  There are some really photo-perfect scenery out there that I’d like to share.

Cheers to you!