Has come to an old companion of Ryan and I’s.  This friend has been with us since the start of the road trip but the time has come to throw it into the tar pit of retirement.

Cannon, you’ve been a good friend, a good companion, a hard working camera.  You’ve been with us through good and bad, high and low but now although you say you’re turned on, there’s no light in the viewer, no pictures to be captured.  It’s been a good run.

The new camera is a Nikon Coolpix S570 and it’s pretty user friendly.

It has a close up feature that actually works.  I wasn’t far from this object when the picture was taken.

Nor this one.

Even without a flash in a darkened light-challenged room it still takes a fairly decent shot without any touch ups as evident in this corner picture.

That’s a new set of wheels for me we scored for 20$.  It’s a Schwinn that Ryan hounded out was built in October of 1980 (all told from the serial number on the bike).  It is even in ready to ride condition although one of the breaks doesn’t really break too well.  I’m told a little oiling will fix that right up.

Coolness factor aside, this is a bike I can ride around, commute to work on, etc., without worrying about it taking a beating.

Pros of the new camera

-small and portable

-2 year warranty (they’ll fix it even if we crash mountain biking with it and crack the screen)

-so far, pretty impressed with the options, the photo quality, and the friendliness of use

-even though it didn’t come with a memory card, the one we bought 2 years ago is compatible with the camera


-the little sucker hasn’t been around long enough to really have anything negative to say about it.  Someday we’ll save up for a DSLR but this little sucker takes pictures faster than our old camera and the fact that it really actually turns on makes it a keeper.

(And in case you were worried, we’ll recycle the old camera, there are no tar pits around here that we are aware of.)