I’m all asunder…or asundered (you know I like to make up new words).  I log on today for a quick little show-and-tell of knitting to find 2 new comments.  One comes from an old friend and the other is marked as possible spam.  Well, for kicks I follow the rabbit hole of the internet and find that some guy in Belgium who goes by the nomicker of “Mr. Mountainbike” apparently surfs the internet for posts about mountain biking in the US and then tweets about them.

No worries folks, we aren’t about to leave the realm of writing to keep those who know us informed about our shenanigans into the realms of profitable blogospheres.  Our blog stats didn’t change.  Not even one little iota.  LOL.

So, back to the original intent.  A knit for a baby shower gift.

Like the props?  A little radiator action.  This place isn’t as picture-studio ready as our old home.

What is it?  Anouk, for a baby Sofie.  Knit in Cascade Luna.  Starts out as a little baby dress then grows with little girly-girl into a tunic.  Mom seemed to like it.  I hope it gets a lot of use.  Machine washable and all.

Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever showed you the knitted hat I made for another co-worker whose daughter has very long hair and can’t find a hat to fit her head.

And it should work to keep her neck a little warmer.

This was given a while back, when there was still use for it.  Apparently she loved it.  Mom almost stole it.  LOL.