I had the luck of participating in a Hazmat decontamination class this week with the end result of being on the call list should there be a massive need for people qualified to hose down poor contaminated individuals.

The class was very informative and interactive.  Although we didn’t get into Class A gear (and I hope no such accidents occur where that would be necessary–ie you are pretty much in a full rubber impermeable suit and scuba breathing gear…minus the U-underwater part) we did get into Class C gear.

Class C gear still looks pretty serious.  Pretty darn impermeable to lots of splashable (perhaps not acidic stuff though) and with an air filtration system.  Less than scuba gear but way better than an N95 respirator mask (the duck bill masks you typically see around such fun diseases like TB).

Fortunately, I think as a means by which to decrease anxiety b/c the head gear could be slightly claustrophobic, humor was injected.  We played pictionary in the gear, started IV lines and set up cots.

AND, danced.  Yes, you can dance if you want to in a Class C suit.

You might not want to dance too too long, they are hot and you will sweat.