Ah the temperatures climb and it makes one stir crazier if you try and stay indoors.  Fortunately for us there’s plenty at hand to do right out our door.  (You have to love a city that loves it’s green spaces and has an active population.)

Vote?  When the water goes down do you think stepping stones will emerge to make crossing without gettting one’s feet wet possible?  I like the idea.  Although, sometimes you just gotta get your feet wet.

Remember with any jaunt in wooded areas you have to watch out for local beasts, safety first folks!

Course, I didn’t really think the Loch Ness Monster would be one of those worries.  Ryan nearly became a tasty snack but his outdoor survival skills kicked in and we were able to escape.

And since it is warming up, his mother and sisters will probably be glad to know that he’s cutting the beard.  Well, sort of…

It’s a spring look on that fashionista I married.

Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy it all too.