Is it March already?  Where did February go?  Being a short month is no excuse to leave without a good by….

Then again, mayhap we were distracted.  KY folks came up to visit and bring some southern charm.  In a lot of respects they were escaping the snow to come to well…different snow.  How is it the South got our snow again?!

We did play in the snow up here though.  Rented cross country skis and headed out to a local park called Lapham Peak.  Check out the results:

The first hill is always the hardest, right?  You may be seeing this picture again on our 2010 end of year newsletter.  And that hill is waaaayyy icier than it looks.  (I’d try to make you buy that it is steeper but even I can only lie through a computer with a straight face for so long.)

And we all survived on our own two feet, as evident in this photo.

I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Ryan and I are kicking ourselves for not getting out more and earlier.  Up here it’s easy and not so expensive to rent skis from the local REI.  They were in good shape too and being inexperienced were good quality for our level.  Sigh, better luck next time?

Despite the visit being a short trip we clunkered down to Chicago where in Millennium Park they have quite a nice display of outside sculptures.  I’m a big fan of folks interacting with art, so what I call the great-amazing-kidney-bean was right up my ally.  (No disrespect to the artist intended.)

Convex, concave, light bending, fun-ness.  What was near was far and what was far was warped.  What was really near got warped too.  Half the art was watching folks play with the thing.

Being amongst good folks made us a little peoplesick for KY.  I know that realistically and statistically that if there are that many good people to form deep friendships with in KY then we should be able to do the same with folks were-ere our heads lay.  But my heart tells me that some things are irreplaceable and these are just a few of them: