The day’s activities included tramping over to the Madison winter festival and watching folks cross-country ski race around the capitol building, little kids stomp around in snow shoes and tube down the improvised hill.  All in the same area where photos of the Ironman Wisconsin were taken.  Only no pics this time because the camera decided it was too cold and wanted to stay home.  OR, I forgot it.  Which ever scenario you’d like to choose.

We walked around, shopped around, ate around and then went to a live music show.  Lotus was playing at the Majestic.  The last time we saw Lotus we were living out of our truck and after the show drove another 3 hours to make it back to the Red River Gorge.  Let’s just say the last 4 years were good to them and subsequently us.  They played better together, got over their need to talk to the crowd (let’s just say that public speaking isn’t for them and leave it at that) and had new tunes.  Stepping a bit more away from the ambient music that they were then more focused on and are now more jam-band-jazzy.  Very good.  Very kind to the ears.  And the drive home was only 1 hour.  Are we learning something?

But as much as the band had changed, the crowd watching them had not.  I swear, same age group of kids (18-22 y/o) with a few of us “oldies” peppered throughout.   Same clothes, same dance moves.  If we see the band again in another 4 years will the crowd still be as unchanged?  It nearly was like stepping out of a time machine although given that a couple of the kids asked us for directions around the Majestic we must have looked like old die-hard music goers.  Little did they know that was our first venture to that venue.  In short, I’m thinking we didn’t really blend in.

Course, our age gave us a bit of a bonus.  We secured balcony by the railing viewing space and the security for the event were much more tolerant and showed camaraderie with us than some of the poor other attendees.  Not that we were allowed to break the rules but when they did the railing sweep they would refrain from stopping in front of us and blocking our view before they’d wait at bit and sweep back.  LOL.

A new work week is nearly upon me.  It has a rainbow at the end though, good friends are coming to visit–Matt and Amy and Charlie–where everyone is going to fit, I don’t know but I do know we are in for a good time.

Hope you and yours are well.