Meet the Spice Squad:

Working heavily on recruiting at the moment.

And, this morning a rare phenomenon occurred.  A lip balm was fully utilized.  No losing the lip balm before its time. No accidentally throwing it into the wash.  No leaving it in the car on a hot day. No mysterious disappearances.  Am I the only person who has a bad habit of getting close to the end of a lip balm and then lose it somewhere?  This little fella came in a 2 pack and I’ve no idea what happened to its twin.

You can see that it rotated until it popped out.  Ah, completion.  Sweet victory.  So satisfying.

Being Sunday we are enjoying a bit of a lazy day.  I head back to my 7 days on tomorrow.

Ryan’s working hard on finding employment. Wish him luck.

Hope your week has little moments of triumph throughout!