Exhibit A: Is this a blizzard you’d want to eat?

We’ve also seen signs for ‘Strawberry Cheesecake Prime Ribs’ and ‘Mint Chocolate Meatloaf’. (Insert, “Ugh” with a shiver of the shoulders.)

On the other hand they do do some things pretty darn awesome up here too.

Exhibit B: Cool features in the over hang at the climbing gym….a stalagtite!

If you are too distracted by the cool tape dragon to see the stalagtite, take a moment and follow his gaze up.  The gym built the stalagtite especially for the competition.  It didn’t flex, it didn’t chip and it definitely didn’t fall down.  ‘Course, you have to climb something like a 5’11 to get a go at it, but we’re working on that…again.  Being out of shape sucks and doesn’t–on the one hand you over estimate your ability in the bouldering cave and look like a moron when you can’t pull off a start move on a couple of jugs and on the other hand you have something to look forward to.  Ah Life, you are so quirky.

(Random helpful hint of the day, if you ever forget if the stalagtitie is the one that hangs from the ceiling or if the stalagmite is the one that rises up from the floor, an “m” looks like mounds rising up from the floor.  Now why I didn’t think of that in 5th grade science I don’t know but dang it if I’ll ever forget again.)

Exhibit C: In which I do not help my case in proving that this is not a food blog.

Jerk Burritos (out of my own head yet inspired by the Spice House)

So the Spice House strikes again.  Ryan has made me promise to only buy one new spice a week.  I think that is fair although very very very VERY difficult to restrain myself when surrounded by such wonderfulness.  Firstly, have I gushed before about the Spice House?  It is like a little wonderland of gastronomic delight. A veritable opium den of taste bud ticklers.  Secondly, do I really have to follow that rule when Ryan’s the one picking out the spice?  Your thoughts are appreciated.

The above deliciousness was practically a one dish meal.  The ground beef had already been browned (thanks Hilary!) so it was just a matter of chopping everything up (or julienne it if you are looking at the photo) and adding seasoning.  Definitely a repeat dish.  Maybe even repeat this week as we now have more burrito shells to finish off.

What’s in it you may ask?  Here’s the spec’s, well as specific as I ever get.

4-5 tablespoons olive oil

1 small zuchinni

1 medium sized yam

1/2 red pepper

1/2 lb ground beef, browned

1 1/2 cup left over eggplant, cubed awefully small

lots and lots of Spice House Jerk Seasoning

couple shakes Chipotle

salt and pepper.

In a skillet heat up 3 T olive oil, cook up yams until nearly softened (I put the lid on the skillet to let them steam some too, but this is where the julienne cut helps decrease the cook time, also I liberally shook Jerk Seasoning on the cooking yams).  Add the remainder of the vegetables, browned beef, more Jerk Seasoning, oil and salt and pepper to taste.  Cook until the veggies are a consistency you like’em.  Put on a shell with some shredded cheese and voila! Dinner!

I think if you added garlic in when cooking the yams you’d be okay too.  You can’t go wrong with garlic unless you are breast feeding a baby.  Something I’m not likely to do too soon. (Sorry Mom’s and SILs.)

Classic quote from the night.  Ryan: “I’m always a little hesitant whenever you put yams into something but is always turns out awesome.”  Someday he’ll trust my cooking.  It probably doesn’t help when half the time I’m saying, “I have NO idea how this is going to turn out.”

I’d show you some knitting to round things out but I had to frog back the hat I’m working on and don’t want to show it until it’s all put together.

Dragon says, “I’m not scary, I’m just misunderstood.  We dragons are seriously fun creatures.”

And I say, this is a seriously fun creature.

…who is seriously surprised that I finally got around to changing my name after being married for a year and a half.  Pack rat that I am, I didn’t drop anything, just tact his on to the end and now have two middle names.  Hey!  My parents worked hard on choosing that name, I’m sentimental and it’s stuck with me for such a long time I couldn’t let it go.

Hope you and yours are having a great week!