We’ve joined a work-out gym.  Maybe that’s already been gathered by the Ryan’s-training-for-an-Ironman-2011(?) comments.  It’s super convienently located and has a pool.  First time I went back into that water I came out and almost puked.  Uh, guess I overestimated what my hiatus from cardio has done to me. (Insert thwack up-side my head.)  Fortunately things are going better for me and my gastric stability.

Why am I bringing this up?  Fascinating though my nausea may seem there is another tangent in here.  Ryan’s out of the house and I am not.  I think this is the FIRST time I’ve been in our new place all by my lonesome.  I used to have time like this ALL the time in L’ville before the move.  At times it rocked and at times it sucked.  Right about now, I’m enjoying the lavish indoor quiet with the sounds of 50 birds chirping 2 stories below.  (One of the tenants apparently feed thems, he admitted it and we’ve seen the ha-huge(!) bag of bird feed hidden in the bushes.)

I had the best of intentions of joining The Man at The Gym after going to the grocery but then it seemed to me that the bread baking needed some attention (no, not kneaded b/c I cheat with a phenomenal convection bread machine but wouldn’t that have been a superb pun?).  We all know I don’t follow recipes exactly and the ball of dough looked more like a puddle of bread soup, it’s being “salvaged” as we speak,  and then the final straw– that beer in the fridge was just calling my name.  Added to my overwhelming guilt at not posting for the whole of last week just had me plunker on down here, enjoy the quiet and clickity-click a few for you.

How could any of this rambling be keeping it simple?

Well for starters we had a super simple, and quite tasty, homemade spaghetti sauce the other night.

I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, who got it from Orangette and the Amateur Gourmet.  When I say simple, I mean simple.  One 28 ounce can whole tomatoes, one yellow onion cut in half (that you later pull out of the sauce and throw away) and 5 T butter.  (Optional salt and pepper to taste, do not add extra salt if your tomatoes are already salted.)

Throw it all into a saucepan and let it simmer for 45 minutes (no, simple does not mean quick) with occassional beatings of the whole tomatoes into pulpiness.  DELICIOUS!  ‘Course, I didn’t have the exact ingredients on hand so I used the 14.5 ounce can of tomatoes in the cupboard, the 1/2 a white onion left over and 2.5 T butter.  Still darn tasty.  And yes, Ryan may one day take the steel wool to me for using our mini wok as a sauce pan.  But hey, girl’s gotta work with limited resources!

Another way of keeping it simple.  While reflecting on photography, not that I’m any two great shakes about it, but it is easy to overwhelm a picture with trying to capture too much. So, I took some super simple pattern photos of our new place to give a little more depth to our current arrangements.

This is my view most mornings when I wake up.  Our two dressers, side by side.

The morning light (which you are missing out on, this is the afternoon) is really quite nice against the wood.

It is a good thing Ryan and I really like each other because the closeness meter has run over the end.  This is the “ventilation” system for our bathroom.  Yes, that’s right, you can see our bedroom through the cool grate work.  I’m still not 100% sure why it is where it is at the bottom of the door, but as this building is an old hotel, maybe it made sense to someone someday long ago.

PS In the spirit of full disclosure, most of this post was written yesterday, finished while Ryan had a bit of snooze in.