Stages of appreciating living in the cold.  That’s been on my mind lately.  Ryan’s figuring in on his second winter of real northern living and this is my first as a resident.

Now this isn’t a well researched topic but so far I hypothesize that there are several stages.

Stage One- Denial (The weather forecasters have got to be joking.  Nobody voluntarily inhabits a location that gets that cold.  What are they, friggin’ insane?!)

Stage Two- Loathing (‘Nuff said, can’t stand it in the least, wonder where your asylum membership card is.)

Stage Three- Luke-Warm Loathing (So you don’t exactly curse every time you go out the door.)

Stage Four-Acceptance (You simply sigh every time you head out doors.)

Stage Five-Appreciation (You can see how it might be pretty.)

Stage Six-Embrace the experience (You actively seek out opportunities to go outside, sometimes it is fun and you may even get  used to it enough such that you don’t put on artic expedition weight long johns just to go from your front door to the car and back again.)

Stage Seven-Declare residence (Not that different from declaring insanity.  But at least you are happy.)

Ryan’s tottering between three and four, briefly ventures into six bypassing five to return to tottering again.  Me?  Not that much different than Ryan I suppose, although I do love the window art I get to see many a morning this time around.

Radiator + Cold Temperatures + Old windows = Art.

I see ice sculptures of ferns.  What do you see?