Last night we drove back to William’s Bay for another night at Lucke’s and their fabulous tacos in honor of a goodbye dinner with our friends Dan and Hilary.  Ryan and Dan went through grad school and OWLS together and Dan introduced Ryan into road biking…I don’t know whether or not to thank him for that one yet.

D&H are making their way back east, they moved two car loads before Christmas break and this was it–no more shots, no more chances, a real everything-must-go kinda move.  You see, they are done and won’t be coming back, their lease is up and they are ready for the next page.

Of course, to get to the next page you have to tidy up the last bits on the old one which involved some creative packing ala Dan.

Dan swears by his patented foot packing move.

Which in the end looked a lot like having to sit on a suitcase to me if you know what I mean.

Last little bits of the house we cleaned up.

And they were off with a few miscellaneous items that wouldn’t fit in the back having to ride up front with them.

It is easy to see why we like D&H and easier still to see why we are going to miss them.  Good luck you two!  Like you said, a flat tire would really just not be the icing on the cake.   Safe travels!